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 "Controlling your inner self destruction"

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Founder, Author

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"Controlling your inner self destruction" Empty
PostSubject: "Controlling your inner self destruction"   "Controlling your inner self destruction" Empty12/6/2008, 10:48 pm

We have many experiences throughout our life. Some of which are small and/or simple, and others which pose a larger challenge to over come, achieve, etc. Regardless of the type of challenge it may be, there are often times that our "inner voice" will tell us what we need to do in each particular situation.

Your inner voice is your inner most deepest thoughts, feelings, values, and beliefs. It is your authentic self, and usually it is the wiser part of you. And little do you realize, when you are in a position of making a tough decision, you often turn to your inner self subconsciously to determine rather or not you should do something, say something, etc. But don't be confused with the selfish inner voice, you have one of those as well. And in most all cases, you can tell the difference between the two.

This voice can pop up through many different times or circumstances. And it will be there throughout your life. It can be there for situations regarding financial issues, social situations, individual relationships, career choices, parenting issues, and so on. And perhaps the most common time you use this inner voice it is used for self evaluation. And that is what we are talking about here; learning to control that inner self destructive part of you.

For example: You may be in the store shopping, and even though you went to the store for one thing in particular and have a limited amount of money that you "should" be spending. You find an item that you have been looking for and even though it is on sale, it is still more than what you should spend. You then debate with yourself rather or not you should get this item or wait until another day. When doing this, you are turning to your inner voice. This can be confusing to some. Because sometimes the inner voice is the selfish one saying, "Yeah, buy it, buy it!"; trying to talk yourself into it. And that of which is your inner self destruction. Or it can be the logical one saying "No, you know better, you need the money for more important things right now". The wiser part of you that is trying to lecture you in a good and healthy way.

When we allow the selfish, self destructive inner voice to win, we really don't win at all. Because somewhere down the road we pay the price in one way or another for allowing those actions to take place. Truly the wiser part of you knew what was best all along. And this action can often times set ourselves up for disappointments, financial set-backs, failures, other misfortunes, additional stress, etc. Quite often, we are our own enemy, or challenge at hand; just by learning how to deal with our own temptations and short-comings.

When we learn to listen to the wiser voice we find ourselves over all living a much more comfortable, productive, and peaceful life. True, it may not be a shortcut to the wonderful things or victories that the selfish part of you would like; however, you will at least have what you need in life to move forward. And it is with moving forward in life that we find we are being blessed with even more and more than we'll ever realize is coming our way.

Stay in tune to the wiser part of you, listen, learn, and follow through with the best choices. The choices you make are what drive you through life. Take it seriously, as this is your destiny you are creating. Yes, you "can control your inner self destruction" by not giving into it. Learn to be the best you can be with everything that you do in life. And in turn, you will find that your life will be fulfilled in every way.

Nancy Horton - Founder/Author
Life's Daily Challenges
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"Controlling your inner self destruction"
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