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Founder, Author

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PostSubject: "Awaken"   "Awaken" Empty12/4/2008, 6:48 pm

Ahh, morning...the start of a new day. Yet another chance to add to this journey of life a bit more joy, love, and prosperity. Yes, the goodness of life is more abundant with the start of each new day. And "morning is your first blessing" when you awaken.

Awaken this morning to a higher power...
Morning is a time to thank our awesome God for our life; for experience, for growth, for love, and for good health. For it is our heavenly father who has given us these gifts of life. Without morning, this journey of life would be finished; and with that thought alone it should bring us great gratitude for morning, and the one after that, and the one after that.

Awaken this morning to natures wonder....
We are always guaranteed that the sun will rise once again, to provide us light to see this beautiful day as it is. There will be air, water, and food that is naturally produced on this earth; keeping our body strong and healthy. Natures wonders and miracles will be alive and dancing among us to bring us blessings of many kind. And those wonders, rather you give it recognition or not, regardless, will bless us once again.

Awaken this morning to new possibilities...
With each new day we have a new opportunity to view our life and this world through a new window; to see something new, to touch something new, to live something new. To strengthen our deepest, most inner thoughts, feelings, values, and beliefs by all of which we experience each day. To add to our already abundant sole; to develop an even more meaningful self by bringing out the best of us with each new day and the experiences that come with it.

Awaken this morning to companionship...
We will have the relationships with families and friends that we trust, depend on, value, and love. The miracle of morning gives you one more opportunity to bless, to strengthen, to love, and to give thanks for each relationship, and all the blessings it offers you. And with each new day, you have new opportunities to make even more wonderful relationships with others who will come into your life.
Awaken this morning to aspirations...
There will be new opportunities to look forward to, goals to reach for, dreams to pursue, and victories to win. With each new day, we have yet another opportunity to be blessed by even more wonderful experiences, including the things that we are most passionate about. As well as the prosperity that will come our way through every effort we make each day to move forward in a positive direction through strength and endurance.

Awaken this morning to a new you...
Take note of the blessings that you have this morning, be thankful, and use this morning to prepare a new day to create a more meaningful life for yourself and those around you. Think of the things that you can do today to make a real, valuable, and lasting difference in your life....and then do those things. Cherish this, and each morning that follows as a gift for yourself and those you love as the start of a new day, and a new you. Be the person that you long to be this morning, and look forward to tomorrow.

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Nancy Horton - Founder/Author
Life's Daily Challenges
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