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 The road less traveled

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Founder, Author
Founder, Author

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The road less traveled Empty
PostSubject: The road less traveled   The road less traveled Empty3/24/2014, 4:05 pm

How often have we heard the phrase "Take the road less traveled" in the past? And usually this is in reference to our journey in life, and not just our daily commute to work, school, or what have you. It is quite common that we all get caught up in our daily routines. Our minds filled with current affairs, responsibilities, and concerns in life. And yet, even though this may be considered normal for us day in and day out; we eventually come to a point where we realize that there is lack of balance in our life.

The Comfort Zone:

Things around us; people, places, and things are no longer satisfying our need for something new, different, fresh, exciting, inspiring, hopeful, or even joyful. Some... or everything in our life becomes stagnant and dull. Yet, for some reason, this comfort zone may have us consumed for a long time, perhaps even years. When we find ourselves at this road block, per say, we must realize that we need to step out of the comfort zone and venture on a new path in our lives. To find something new, touch something new, live something new. To bring about the excitement of life again.

Once we allow ourselves to try something new, perhaps even take a few small risks; we suddenly find that there is much more to enjoy in life. Many blessings come our way. And new windows of opportunity open up, which then lead us to more beautiful experiences in life. We find that the road less traveled does have many pleasures, and promises. And the best part is that we feel confident that life is moving forward in a positive direction again.

Living in the moment:

Often times we do forget just how wonderful our life is due to our constant running. We may even find ourselves racing by the person next to us on the street....only to beat them to the next red light. Which only means that we have both reached the same goal and we are really not ahead. Or we may find ourselves going through the motions in life, yet our mind is elsewhere, thinking about the next task to be done. And yet when we finally are able to do that task that we were once thinking about, we are now thinking about the following task. In other words, not living in the moment or truly appreciating all of our experiences each day. Things as simple as washing the dishes, or answering a child when spoken to. Even a simple butterfly landing on the porch is ignored due to lack of awareness by living in a rat race. We are certainly not in the moment. And of course this means that we are missing out on all of the wonderful little blessings that come our way.

Taking time to slow down just long enough to get a glimpse of life's little blessings and miracles is what fills our soul with hope and faith in something bigger than us. We experience the joy that is always around us once we allow it to touch our hearts. We find great gratitude for the food we have each day that nourishes our body and keeps us strong and healthy. We have gratitude for things like the clothes on our back, the roof over our head, and the job that provides us for our essential needs. We are blessed with people who are close to us who we love, trust, and depend on. We find compassion for others, who like us, are struggling in life to make it the best they can. We reach out to others who are less fortunate, to share those blessings of kindness. We find that it is our challenges in life that bless us with wisdom, and strength through all that we endure. Taking the road less traveled keeps us moving forward, and we find that our life is fulfilled by what we have at this very moment, yet look forward to tomorrow.

Nancy Horton - Founder/Author
Life's Daily Challenges
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The road less traveled
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