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 Is your dream realistic?

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Founder, Author
Founder, Author

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Is your dream realistic? Empty
PostSubject: Is your dream realistic?   Is your dream realistic? Empty5/13/2013, 3:44 pm

People who have a dream that they never pursue is often due to having the thoughts that it is unrealistic. That something is standing in the way of their success. The excuses, and I reiterate "excuses", can be many different things such as lack of education, financial investment, the right connections or group of people, the right tools such as Internet access or certain products, support from others, etc. But most commonly the excuse we come up with for thinking our dream is unrealistic is all based around our self worth. That we are unworthy of making it happen.

To pick up a beach ball and throw it into outer space, that would be something unrealistic. Or physically jump a distance of 2 miles in one leap, that would be unrealistic. But simply achieving a dream to be an entrepreneur, or open your own gift shop, or study psychology, etc.; those things are not unrealistic.

Our thoughts about ourselves is what drives us through life. Simply changing your thought patterns is the first step in moving in the direction of your dreams. Even if at first you struggle with believing in yourself, tell yourself you are worthy anyway. Our mind listens to everything around us and we will act accordingly if it is something that is repeated often enough. Start treating yourself with positive thoughts, and soon you will see new windows of opportunity open up. And your actions will send you traveling down the path to achieve your dream.

Nancy Horton - Founder/Author
Life's Daily Challenges
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Is your dream realistic?
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