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 Finding your niche

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Founder, Author
Founder, Author

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Finding your niche Empty
PostSubject: Finding your niche   Finding your niche Empty3/31/2013, 11:26 pm

Finding our niche, something that can be quite puzzling for some to figure out. There may be something of interest that you don't think there is a career for, as in an actual day job that you have to apply for; or you may think it is something that you would like to pursue on your own (self employed), but don't know how.

For instance, we will say that a person has a passion for knitting, just simply love it! But what day job can one think of that would enable a person to knit all day long? I know I can not think of even one, can you? But that doesn't mean that just because there is no job specifically for someone with a passion to knit has to live life without ever pursuing what they are passionate about. There are a variety of ways that a person can follow their dreams. They can start locally by selling different hand-made products to people, and word of mouth can be a beautiful thing when it comes to getting your name out there....recognition & recommendation! It is a great way to build clients because as one person enjoys your service or product, they will then tell their friends and family who then also turn to you as well. So on and so on. You can use business cards, pamphlets, fliers, and other local items to promote your business. You can open a store or a booth in a flea market to sell your products. In the case of knitting, you can attend local craft events to sell & promote your business. When financial assistance is needed for some initial investment; saving is one option, but there are also other resources that may be available to you such as a small loan from someone you personally know, a local bank, and there are even some government grants that may be able to assist you in getting the ball rolling depending on the nature of your company or organization. There is our all mighty Internet that has oh so many resources to market your product or service; including web sites, social media, e-mail & mobile communications, places to advertise such as newspapers, Craig's List, and search engines to promote your business, other websites who endorse other products or services, and even places like U-Tube that can be used as a marketing strategy, etc, etc. Yes, it takes time for any company to get their start, build clients, and begin to see profits roll in on a regular basis. It also takes a lot of diligent action on your part...sitting around dreaming about it...wishing...doesn't get the job done. It requires you to make a plan, and then little by little put that plan into action. But it can be done! But it must consume you in everything you do. It must be something that you constantly talk about with others & with pride! You must believe in yourself & in what you do!

There may be a person who has a variety of things that they are passionate about. Find out what you are most passionate about at this moment, or perhaps there are a few things that you can combine together. For instance, I have a passion for writing, and I have a passion for helping others through different challenges in life. So I have taken the two passions that I love most & created Life's Daily Challenges. Both the book & the forum. Am I finished? Absolutely not! I have a very long way to go! I am no where near where my visions take me, not even close! Yes, I have made a lot of progress, but I must press on in order to achieve all of my goals. Yes, at times it can be tiring, stressful, discouraging, confusing, scary, and even uncertain. But I must not pay too much attention to all of that, and be persistent all the way through it. I must stay focused on my goals all the time. If I were to lay back & just forget about it,'ll die. It will not exist without my presence, passion, thoughts, plans, and action. I am the only driving force to create it, nurture it, and grow it.

A person may even find that through the years what they thought was their passion...has suddenly changed. Nothing wrong with this what so ever! Through our lives we have many different experiences, and many times our passion is a reflection of what we experience. As we go through life we open & close many different chapters in life. And with each new chapter we have new challenges; we grow from those challenges in various ways, and gain more wisdom, and knowledge. And what once was truly a passion has suddenly changed, and we now want to pursue something different. We'll say someone has been a doctor for the past 15 years, and this individual lost a loved one from breast cancer. Now they have a passion for breast cancer & want so deeply to be an advocate for breast cancer. They start off slow of course by getting involved in different things, events, etc.; but they finally get to a point were they want to retire from their original job & pursue being an advocate for breast cancer on a full time basis. What ever you do in life, pursue the things that you are most passionate about, that has great meaning & value to you. If you pursue something that you know little about or care little about, you will go no where. Follow your dreams and soon you will see that you are living your dream.

Nancy Horton - Founder/Author
Life's Daily Challenges
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Finding your niche
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