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 Know thyself: Understanding your purpose

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Founder, Author

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Know thyself: Understanding your purpose Empty
PostSubject: Know thyself: Understanding your purpose   Know thyself: Understanding your purpose Empty3/3/2009, 2:42 am

Many people go through life with goals, or dreams that they want to pursue or achieve, yet, for one reason or another they never manage to do anything about them. And there are many who manage to pursue many goals, thinking that this is their life's purpose, only to find out when they get there that they are not completely satisfied with it, and then turn in another direction. And lastly, there are those who simply have no clue what their life's purpose is, and go through life with the feeling that they have been short changed. All three of these individuals have found a conflict in one way or another due to not knowing thyself, their identity.

One must first know their true identity, who they are, and what makes them tick, before knowing truly what their life's purpose is. A very simple question to ask yourself is "What am I passionate about?" Through this careful evaluation, you will uncover your life's purpose. And it is quite possible that you might have a few, or perhaps one purpose right now and something different a few years from now. This varies from person to person.

Take some time to get in touch with your inner self. For most people this requires complete stillness, no outer distractions, noise, etc. This is also referred to as quiet meditation. By getting in touch with your inner self, you begin to understand who you are. Some people have a hard time not knowing who they are as well. Just simply ask yourself "Who am I not?", and suddenly who you really are will come shinning through. And for some people it may take a few times of this quiet meditation before they really begin to understand, and see their destiny in from of them. Where as others will know immediately.

What are your dreams? What passions have you had for years, or even perhaps as long as you can remember? Perhaps even as a child, you can recall these dreams being a part of you. These dreams are something that you continue to return to time and time again. You think about them for a while, and then you allow yourself to forget about them. You may also find yourself putting them on the back burner, thinking that there is nothing that you can do to pursue these dreams right now. Or perhaps you have been waiting for someone to wave a magic wand over you, when suddenly your dreams would come true. That sounds wonderful, but quite unlikely.

But these dreams are not created to make you feel inferior, or unworthy. In fact, any negative thoughts that you have about the dreams that you wish to pursue are simply that....thoughts. Perhaps you have told yourself, or someone else has told you that you cannot achieve this goal that you have in mind and are so passionate about. This is simply a story that you have told yourself or someone else has told you, that you in turn have chosen to believe. "But the truth is that these dreams are your true passion, and a part of who you are. And this passion constantly aches to break free; to express itself through everything that you do in life. And these dreams are waiting for you create, and to allow you to be who you were meant to be all along."

Setting aside the fact that these are dreams and not reality; close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself living those dreams. Imagine how you would feel being free from the limitations that have held you back from pursuing those dreams. Imagine how these dreams would change your life. How these dreams can create a positive difference for you , and your loved ones. And the beautiful experiences that would come from these dreams being born, nurtured, and fulfilled.

The only thing that holds you back from living your dreams, are the limitations that you allow your mind to create. Perhaps it is fear, anxiety, money, etc. These are only illusions in your mind. Your life is driven by your thoughts, or ego shall we say. Ego loves anything negative, including thoughts. Your true identity is not the ego, it is your deepest, most inner self. Your true feelings, values, and beliefs. The in-depth, spiritual part of you. And that part of you has chosen to believe in what the ego says. As you think positively, you act positively. And as you think negatively, you act negatively. Tell yourself that you are no longer going to allow these negative thoughts or ego to drive you in life. Think your way into positive living. Practice every day being the person that you want to be, and fulfill the dreams you hold dear. The more you practice thinking positively, the more you will find you are working toward making those dreams become real, lasting, and valuable part of your life.

As you have imagined what it would be like to have these dreams come true, you are already on your way to making them come true. Just simply by having those few positive thoughts, you have made one step forward. Follow through with the next step, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Most of us find that our dreams require a positive attitude, the will to move forward, a lot of time, and diligent action to accomplish them. In other words, they are not just handed to us on a platter without any effort on our part. But if it was handed to us, then having it wouldn't be nearly as satisfying as by accomplishing them on our own. Therefore, with continuing to move forward in a positive direction toward your goal with each tiny step, you'll find in time that your dreams become closer and closer to becoming a part of your every day life as a reality.

Soon you will find that your dreams are no longer dreams, or something that you wish for. Now these dreams have become reality and you are living your life's purpose, or one of many purposes throughout your life. You will feel more alive than you have ever felt. Because you are finally the person who you were meant to be all along.

Nancy Horton - Founder/Author
Life's Daily Challenges
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Know thyself: Understanding your purpose
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